Tuition Assistance suspended

The Army’s tuition assistance program is being suspended because of the budget squeeze, but the thousands of soldiers already in courses will be able to complete them. After the shutdown, which began on March 8, no one will be allowed to add new courses or enter the program. The tuition assistance program is one of the Army’s most popular in-service benefits with soldiers from all over participating in traditional classroom and online courses at 3100 colleges and universities nationwide. Spokesman for the Army’s personnel chief states that ” This suspension is necessary given the significant budget execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible yearlong continuing resolution and sequestration.” The budget shutdown is being blamed on the shortfall of funds to run the war in Afghanistan. Vice chief of staff stated, ” Remember, our priority right now is the fight in Afghanistan. Too many people forget that we are a nation at war.” 2013 is being said to be the Army’s “Hardest year”. That could leave the program closed for another year.

-Posted by: Haley Page


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