War as a Social Problem

Why is war a social problem? By the end of 2011, the United states had spent $2.7 trillion on wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. These same wars claimed the lives of over 6,000 Americans, over 1,00 from allies countries, and hundreds of thousands civilians in both countries. That is 7,000 families changed, children who will never see their parents again, husbands and wives who will never get to kiss their spouse. These are not numbers these are people. Children are being raised in a time that we no longer know why we are fighting in those countries. 12 years we have been fighting and enough is enough. Families need to be reunited and our country needs to start rebuilding it’s economy. In recent news we have been doing just that but instead of thanking the men and women who are fighting in these senseless wars they are punishing them by cutting their pay, denying financial help to those who want to get an education, downsizing the number of active duty military, etc. This is just in America but let us not forget Rwanda, Bosnia, El Salvador, Sudan, Israel and countless other countries who have been destroyed by war.

-JaVonte’ Brumbaugh and Cost of War Group


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